Kingston MO. - Civil War Encampment

May 19-20 , 2018

The 2018 Kingston Missouri Civil War Encampment is a none Spectator event that is being put on as a result of the unfortunate cancellation of the Lamoni Iowa event, (which many of the Reenactment units had already placed on their schedules) and so by losing Lamoni it has left a hole in the Spring Campaign that would be difficult to fill.  And also with the lack of time and resources, it is well known that a proper event open to the public could not be obtained.  But having access to the Kingston location due to the generosity of a local landowner, it was decided however that perhaps a non-spectator weekend might still appeal to many of the units and offer a unique opportunity for us to try something different with a non-spectator event and a Civil War tactical style weekend.  We will not turn away the locals if they happen to wander out and visit however we will not be advertising or catering any of the weekend event for public demonstrations.  This event will be an opportunity for those units in attendance to get in some much-needed Battalion level time and also some good Tactical level operations that will give our boys a real taste of Campaign service out in the countryside of some unknown mid war Campaign.   

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