Kingston MO. - Civil War Encampment

May 19-20 , 2018

Update #1 - We are pleased to announce that we have received word that our friends of James Country Mercantile out of Liberty is going to set up for the Kingston event though it's a none Spectator event. This is Fantastic News & hopefully, everyone will get a chance to get over and say hi to Jean and Dale Warren. But we will have at least 1 sutler. 

Site Visit by Col. Crofutt of Muddy River - April 14, 2018 - LINK

How the Tactical is going to be done (Early Draft) 4/18/18

Some Basic early ideas on how this event is going to go. Subject to change as the 3 Primary commanders (Slocum, Crofutt & Amend) review & Tweak on this as needed. However, this is our initial thoughts for the weekend event.

Unlike some tactical, you may have attended in the past. This one will be much different. We are looking at doing a
objective based event.

Each overall commander will receive sealed orders at different times during the event. These will give him his
mission.. some will be timed, there may be some that require stealth and cunning rather than brute force.  Just like during the war there will be times of pitched battle and times of nothing but silence... Each decision made by each commander on both sides will determine the outcome of the weekend.  Points will be tallied and casualties tallied to decide who won/lost the conflict. We will have judges with each major force movement to assign hits and determine whether missions where carried out successfully or not. Missions/objectives will be Varied. and "Special orders" might be issued from the event as special situations develop for extra credit.

To pull this off we will need volunteers who are willing to be judges.   We also need people willing to come out beforehand and help set up things for the event starting the Thursday before the event. We will also need wood details who can go into the timber and cut and move firewood to the camps.

The event plans to utilize all re-enactors!!! Civilians you will have your own town that will be part of the scenarios, We prefer that the civilian town be mixed both north and south if possible.

The armies both need to have field hospitals in their camp areas, as well as supply depots. Rounds carried will be limited to the normal loadout.. and runners will have to be sent back to the supply areas to get more ammo if you run low in the fights...

Artillery will be able to be called in by each side... however.. you will have to be specific at where you want the rounds and the
gunners will have to have a little knowledge of how to place rounds... they also will have judges to assign arty effectiveness and such... They too will have standard loadout and will have to go for supplies... those "hit" will have to return to the field hospital where the doctors will be assigning dead and wounded and how long your KIA or WOUNDED before you can return to battle... there will be a minimum number of soldiers needed at the hospital before you can return to the battle as
reinforcements. ETC ETC

Keep in mind this is the first time we have tried something of this level. There WILL be problems and bugs... it's a learning year.. if we choose to continue this type of event we will only get better at doing it.

I am open to suggestions as this will take significant time and effort to put together. As we are not charging for this event as some tacticals do. So each unit will get out of the event what they are willing to put into it. We have big hopes for this event but limited time this year to pull it off so please consider this.

Each unit will need to provide for their own necessities, IE hay food etc... Water is on site.. and plenty of firewood to go get out of the timber... either do it before the event (call me to let me know when you want to go do it so I can set up with landlord) or do it while your there... EVENT STAFF is not getting it out for you... each unit will need to help with the gathering if they do not want to have to do it while at the event.IF units have people who would rather not run around as combatants but that can act as judges we can use them (need to have a working knowledge of the weapons and tactics of the time so they can assign correct battle casualties etc) Right now I have two.... will need at least up to 8 more.

If the army doesn't have an actual medical unit.. one will have to be designated from the ranks... or eventually, you'll all be dead and no one to recycle you.

I do not think that anything like this has been done around here for the civil war re-enactors, the many WW2   tacticals are starting to do this. We can run during daylight or 24hrs... we can schedule downtime if units decide they want to.. I still suggest pickets would be a good idea... Reminder that we need to be respectful of other peoples property etc... stay in bounds and if camps are captured do not mess with peoples personal property... if camps are overrun we may have certain tents set up that are designated as lootable with items placed inside that can be taken off and consumed... again.. this will be a possibility.. not necessarily planned at this time.. just things we can do as possibilities.

Remember safety.. and that alcohol and firearms do not mix..Southwest Cavalry Brigade requires 6hr withdrawal from last drink before people are allowed back in action... there will be plenty of time for this after the event is over, or at night if we decide to not run 24hrs but daylight twilight hrs.

I request a team... as this mess was my idea I agree to lead the team... we can get together physically or via internet chat rooms etc to help plan this out... IF i have to do this alone with time we currently have will limit how detailed it might be... but the ground is great so lets have some fun.

Area is wooded with some open ground and lots of woods with lots of trails. US/CS Camps will be separate and any civilian who can are encouraged to become the "innocents" in the local village /town we are
setting up...

Col. Crofutt.. this is just some ramblings of thoughts.. no particular order hear just trying to get thoughts out to you so you can make them known to the other commanders.

I could go on.. lots of ideas but this gives you some material to use.

let me know if there are any other questions.

Col. Sean Slocum

Southwest Cavalry Brigade - CSA

All event Judges!!! - meeting with Colonel Slocum - 6 P.M. on Friday, May 18th - event site.

Event Directions

For basic GPS use - the Landowners address is

429. West Broadway
Kingston Missouri.

C.S.A. – When you guys enter Kingston on Hwy 13 turn West on Broadway and follow all the way to the end and right there at the landowner's house, you then turn right on NW county farm drive and go just a little bit and you will come upon CSA Land!

U.S.A. - When you guys enter Kingston on Hwy 13 turn West on Broadway follow all the way to the end and right there at the landowner's house, you then turn right on NW county farm drive and go just a little bit and you will come upon CSA Land!  We are being asked to enter through a certain way in order to avoid marking up the landowners land with too many tire tracks.  So we need to go to the CS Cavalry Camp and register at Col. Slocums tent, he will guide you to the federal camp.  Please bring your release of Liability forms with you.

Here is the Release of Liability Forms - Please print this out & have it pre-filled out before you arrive.  You will either turn it in at the Registration table at CS Cavalry Camp or to the overall Federal & Confederate Commanders.  Either way, no one is to take to the field without one of these being filled out (No excuses).  This is 1 of the stipulations for us being able to use the land.  Posting here is an effort to help speed up check-in process.