Kingston MO. - Civil War Encampment

May 19-20 , 2018

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We need to know how many are coming so we can have enough Porta-Johns. Every unit will be asked to help cover the cost of these. 

Event  Registration

Please email the following information to us

  • Unit name
  • Commanders Name and Rank
  • How many soldiers is your unit bringing to the event? 
    • Phone Number - (do you text yes or No)
    • Email Address
    • Mailing address (Just in case)
    • Battalion affiliation
    • How many Civilian's

If your unit is a special impression type unit or needs additional help please contact us and ask before registering so we can help determine how to best fit you in.

Send Registration information to 

WANTED - We need a Team of folks who don't necessarily want to participate in the Tactical (But still willing to dress out some) & have knowledge on civil war Tactics & weapons of the time and who are willing to be attached to units as TACTICAL JUDGES.  If you are interested please contact Col. Sean Slocum!