Kingston MO. - Civil War Encampment

May 19-20 , 2018

As of this moment, we want to keep this as an invite-only event in order to limit our numbers and to maintain a level that will not overwhelm the landowner. We are thinking around no more than 150 per side.  Currently, we have the following organizations approved to attend this event.

1st Missouri Infantry Battalion - CSA

Southwest Cavalry Brigade - CSA

U.S. Muddy River Infantry Battalion

                 Special Note - Holmes Brigade - You guys are invited if you are interested. We would love to have You!!!

                        8th Kansas you guys need to come to this event too!!!

                         17th Missouri (Western Turner Rifles) & 1st Mo. Artillery. Come on out & join us if your interested!!!

                          And also 25th Missouri (Company I) You guys can come too if you want!!!

If your unit is not affiliated with one of the above-listed organizations you must contact the overall Commander for that particular side and request an invite.   We are not necessarily going to keep everyone out but do want to know who is coming and make sure those units coming are folks we are familiar with and approve. We will cap numbers if we start getting more then 150 per side.  If you want to come to this event you must be willing to share cost of porta Johns (we will be collecting at the event) and also sign a release of Liability for the Landowner and city of Kingston.          

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If your unit is interested in attending this event please contact 1 of the following commanders

Col. Sean Slocum is the Reenactor Coordinator that has communication with the Landowner so Col. Slocum will be the overall event Manager.